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Kashrut Policy

  1. All food at Kol Sasson hosted or sponsored events must be kosher.
  2. Kosher food has a kashrut certification recognized by an Orthodox authority.
  3. The CRC at http://www.crcweb.org/ agency_list. php, as well as the following web site link from ASBI, http://www.asbi.org/public/ 2011_KosherList.pdf , has kashrut certification symbols that are acceptable to Kol Sasson. We will not accept any other certification.
  4. People may only bring pre-packaged, hechshered food to Kol Sasson hosted events. Any food brought to an event must be purchased and transported in a manner that is consistent with being shomer Shabbat or delivered before Shabbat begins.
  5. People can cut and bring fruits and vegetables that are washed in a normal fashion to Kol Sasson events.