Children’s Programs

IMG_0052We welcome children of all ages to join us on Shabbat. We offer 3 children’s programs in 4 separate rooms beginning at 9:40 am. Snacks are provided in each classroom.

Groups are arranged with the help of our Director of Children’s Programming, Jessica Schneider.

  1. Jr. Congregation: this group is designed for kids in fourth grade through pre-bnei mitzvah. There will be davening, parsha, games, and snacks.
  2. N’arim: this group is designed for kids in first, second and third grades. There will be davening, parsha, games and snacks.
  3. Yeladim: this group is designed for kids in the two preschool years prior to Kindergarten through Kindergarten. There will be games, snacks and a tot shabbat program.
  4. Tot: This group is designed for infants through three years old. Parents are welcome to stay in this room or to drop off their child; there will be babysitters in this room to supervise the children who have been dropped off. There will be games, snacks, and an age-appropriate tot shabbat program; we ask that parents who opt to remain in this room with their child be respectful of the tot shabbat programming and the hard work by the babysitters.

Babysitting will be available starting at 9:15, but the activities in each room will not begin until after 9:30. Babysitting extends through the end of davening.

Children’s programming ends each week by joining the community for the concluding portion of the service. All children are encouraged to help lead.

General Rules for All Children’s Programs

We ask that every parent works together with our teachers to create a safe environment. As such, it is important to adhere to some general guidelines that will help us continue to safely provide fun, caring, and educational programs for our children.

  • A parent or guardian must be in the building during the time his/her child is in a program.
  • For everyone’s safety, all children must either be with their parents or in the designated classroom corresponding with their age. No child will be allowed to remain unsupervised.
  • If a child is disrupting a classroom, the teacher will redirect the child and talk with her/him in an age appropriate manner. If the problem persists, the teacher will notify the parents and remove the child from the classroom when necessary.

For those interested in celebrating B’nei Mitzvah with Kol Sasson, please contact our B’nei Mitzvah Coordinator at least 6 months prior to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah. This allows the young adult to sufficiently prepare for becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah in our community.